Esoteric conversation with a 4-year old

Boy: My Friend said that she knows God

Ma: It’s not enough to just know God. You have to believe in Jesus to get to heaven. You have to believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and He rose again. Because even Satan knows God.

Boy: Who is Satan?

Ma: He was an angel who thought he was God. God threw him and some other angels who followed him out of heaven into hell.

Boy: My friend also said that you have to die before you get to heaven.

Ma: Not true… It depends on when Jesus is coming again. If He comes before we die then we don’t have to die before we get to heaven.

Boy: When is Jesus coming again?

Ma: The Bible does not tell us when He is coming but He will come. When Jesus comes again, Satan and the angels who followed him will be destroyed in hell. And we (who believe in Jesus) will go to heaven to be with God.


May God provide me with the right words to say every time this kind of conversation pops up.

Sleep training a baby

Every now and then since our first born son was 4 months old (when we were not too tired or sick), hubby and I would ask some friends to house-sit for us while we spend some couple time out of the house (a.k.a. a date!). Our boys have their bedtime around 8pm so dates at night have been possible. Upon returning home, our house-sitters would give us an incredulous look (if they were there for the first time) and ask us questions along the lines of “What did you do to the kids/ baby? Drug them/him? Hit them/him on the head with a hammer? I mean… you just said good night and closed the bedroom door and they/he just went to sleep!! And they/ he didn’t fuss the whole time we were here!!”

Our response would always be 2 words: Sleep training

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My Little Preemie

I have been wanting to pen this down for the longest time but never really gotten down to doing it. So what is my motivation for writing an account of how my 2 year-old boy, who was born 9+ weeks early, is growing? To encourage the doctors and nurses who took care of him during his stay at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), to encourage mums who have premature babies and finally, as a reminder to my little one how God has been good to him.

Note: Each premature baby’s (preemie) growth is different and my little one’s growth is unique to him. Some may be ridden with a whole host of health and developmental issues whereas some grow up to be perfectly healthy adults. Even at the age of 2, it is still too early to tell how he will be when he grows up.


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