A Contented Housewife — in Singapore

What is contentment? It is not to be confused with being “lazy” or “unmotivated”. It is about being at peace and being joyful about the state that one is in.

What I am writing here is not about a war between full-time working mums (FTWM) and stay-at-home mums (SAHM)… or even part-time working mums (PTWM) — who is better. In some families, it is necessary for mummy to work full-time, whereas in other families mummy has a choice. Instead, the question to ask is this: In Singapore, everyone is urged to strive to be the best and maximize their potential, from the littlest babes to the elderly workers. Can contentment be found in a rat race and a society where “kiasuism*” is part of the national identity?

When asked how I feel about being a stay-home mum with a post-graduate degree, I would always reply along the lines of “It’s tough being a SAHM of 2 young kids. But I wouldn’t dream of giving up this job to go back to work full-time at this point in time, because there is much joy and motivation for me to be where my family needs me most — at home. I am content.”

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