Conversation with a not-quite-3-year-old: What is God?

Little one: What is God?

Ma: It should be “Who is God?”

Little one: Who is God?

Ma: We can’t see God, we can’t touch Him or give Him a hug. But He is sitting here on the bed with us, He is everywhere, He made everything. He made you and me.

Little one: And He made Papa and Gorgor.

Ma: Yes. God also loves you and me.

Little one: And God loves Papa and Gorgor and aircon…

Ma: I am sure he loves Papa and Gorgor… not so sure about the aircon. God talks to us too but we can’t hear him over the phone or hear his voice (well most of the time). He speaks to us from the Bible, so we have to read the Bible to hear what He has to say to us. We can talk to God too, by praying.


May God put the desire to seek Him in the little one’s heart. We pray.