Toddler Logic

As adults, we may wonder what goes through the mind of a little person who just started to walk and talk, discover and make sense of the world around him. Here are some funny, interesting or thought provoking snippets from the life of a little boy. The “Toddler logic” series is a collection of incidents arranged from the most recent to the earliest account of my younger son in his “twos”. These accounts were previously posted on Facebook.


Toddler logic #12: (This one is not really “logic” & applies to all young & old) When I am about to lose self-control, praying and meditating on God’s word diffuses my frustration.

When Z was about to throw a tantrum, Mama got him to repeat a prayer along the lines of…
“Dear God, help me not to throw tantrums. Help me to have self-control because it pleases you.”
Visibly calmer, Ma asked “Would you like to sing ‘The fruit of the Spirit’?”

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control…. since we live by the Spirit let us keep in step with the Spirit.” Galatians 5:22, 25

Many thanks to friends who pray for us and Steve Green’s catchy songs that make memorizing scripture easy :). Most importantly, thank God for working in us 🙂


Toddler logic #11: Studying the laws of physics + toys + sense of humour = very entertained and cackling tot

Z was bouncing a small rubber ball on a sheet of bubble wrap and couldn’t stop cackling (yes, he cackles if he thinks something is really funny!) because he discovered that the bouncing ball could pop the bubbles at the first and possibly second impact with resounding pops.

After “studying”, the materials were packed into a small basket with the ball tucked snugly in the bubble wrap.

“Baby ball is in the basket… Baby ball is crying…”

The toddler mind probably switched mode from physics to God’s word as he recalled the story of baby Moses.


Toddler logic #10: If a word has an antonym, there is only one antonym

Ma stuck the thermometer in Z’s left ear and it read 38.4°C. Ma stuck the thermometer in Z’s right ear and it read 37.8°C.
Ma: That can’t be right…
Z: It’s left


Toddler logic #9: I will make sure that I am able to do it if I want to prove you wrong.

I was skeptical that Z was able to pee totally unaided and fully clothed with underpants and shorts without wetting himself or peeing out of the toilet bowl (toilet training boys is unfortunately more complicated!). He insisted on trying it fully dressed just to prove that he could do it! He got a sticker for succeeding with perfect aim and keeping himself well clothed again after the deed 😀


Toddler logic #8: If Papa or Mama bathes me, everyone must have a bath attendant too.

Z was happily wiping his wet bath toy on my clothes at bath time…
Ma: I am getting wet!
Z: Then Papa has to bathe you already


Toddler logic #7: Anything that brings you from point A to point B is a mode of transportation.

Ma: We took the bus and the MRT today
Z: We also took the lift


Toddler logic #6: If the words (or part of it) sound the same, they refer to the same thing.

Z always says “Abraham” with a cheeky smile whenever there’s ham to eat. Sometimes, he starts singing “Father Abraham had many sons…”. When he saw the peas in his dinner today, he started singing “I’ve got peace like a river” 😀


Toddler logic #5: Familiar person sitting on the floor/ stool/ low chair = my armchair

Z loves to clamber onto big people’s laps… If they are within his reach 🙂


Toddler logic #4: If I am obsessed with something, anything can be made to look like it.

On many separate occasions, Z set up the following and exclaimed “Train! Mama, train!!”

1. Toy bus &/or car trailing along the top of the play yard
2. Crayons, empty tissue boxes, toy cars/ bus or stuffed toys arranged in a fairly straight line with the “heads” of each object touching the “tails” of the one in front of it.


Toddler logic #3: I came up with the joke, therefore it must be really funny

Z couldn’t stop repeating and laughing at something funny that he came up with….. For half an hour…


Toddler logic #2: The brightness of a place is not determined by the objective measurement of the intensity of the illuminating source, but by the subjective choice of visual perception

In a brightly lit room, Z closed his eyes tightly, gave an impish smile and declared, “It’s too dark!”


Toddler logic #1: If I can’t see it, it must be hiding.

While making a commentary of what’s in the bathroom…
Z: That’s the mop (points at the mop). The broom is hiding outside


Kids say and do the darnest things :P. Thank God for helping Z grow :). It’s been a journey full of joy as well as frustration, as I muddle through the days in perpetual tiredness. Really grateful for God’s grace that carries me through each day!