Christian food art

As Christian parents, sometimes we wonder how we can introduce Bible stories or biblical truths into our little ones’ lives. Making their meal or part of it as scenes from the Bible opens up a wonderful channel for conversations about the story or passage, and the experiential learning helps them to remember what they have learnt. Here are some of my  ideas :).

Most of these food art pieces do not require special kitchen tools. A good small knife, regular kitchen/ tableware (e.g. chopsticks, toothpick, small cups), nimble fingers, whatever food you have at home and some imagination are all you need. A kind friend gave me a set of tools for making food look cute at the end of last year, so I had the benefit of using them in my recent creations.

food tools1But if you don’t have them, you can still improvise and make do with a knife. Feel free to come up with your own versions using what I came up with as a guide. I may add on to this post if God provides more inspiration in the future 🙂

Introducing Jesus’ birth

Bible passage: Luke 2:1-20

Tell the story of Jesus’ birth with baby Jesus in a manger and/or the angel who brought the good news to the shepherds in the fields. Incidentally, a food bowl was used to hold the ‘baby Jesus’, which is essentially what a manger is to the animals in the stable 🙂

20dec2012 angel

This food art piece can be used as a visual for telling the story of Jesus’ birth, as well as for the song “Hark the herald angels sing”. The angel was made with sliced cheese (cheddar and mozzarella) and pieces of bread cut out using a butter knife (a small paring knife will do too). The wings and hair of the angel were cut using the octopus-shaped and tomato-shaped food cutters that my friend gave. The tiniest blueberry in a batch of blueberries was chosen, halved and used for the eyes. A teeny piece of strawberry was used for the mouth. You could use a small dab of strawberry jam for the mouth too.

23Dec2011 baby Jesus in a manger

A small round biscuit ( I used 旺仔小馒头, also known as Wang Zai ball cake) was used for baby Jesus’ head. The biscuit was placed in a small square slice of bread that was rolled up into the shape of a swaddle to make the baby. Semi-crushed Weet-Bix cereal was the hay that ‘baby Jesus’ slept on.

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