Bao adventures

I just started making Chinese steamed buns (包) last week and couldn’t resist making it cute! I started off by making the boys’ favourite salted egg yolk custard buns ( liu sha bao 流沙包). Here are some pictures of my Bao adventures. Definitely had loads of fun making these!

liu sha bao

My first attempt at bao making with panda baos. I just added blobs of black sesame dough to transform plain baos into a cute pandas :). Love the runny custard too!

little bear liu sha baoI had leftover dough and filling so I decided to make a little grey bear and one panda from whatever bits I could scrounge out from the plain baos. I left the baos steaming and happily went to do my chores, only to remember 30 seconds before the timer went off that these baos cannot be over-steamed or else they will explode. The little bear was smaller than the rest of the baos so it would require less steaming time than the rest. Well, I was too late to save little bear :P. Of all places to pop, the custard came out from one eye and not from the seams!

cute animal liu sha baoThen I found a recipe that claimed to result in soft buns even after they have cooled down. That is quite a feat as most baos turn chewy and hard after cooling down, and have to be consumed shortly after steaming. I decided to give that recipe a try and made more animals to join in the fun with orange sweet potato puree to make the tiger, cocoa powder to make the bear and black sesame powder to make the koala. Mmmm… soft and fluffy as claimed although I made some modifications to the recipe partly due to some conversion mistake that I made. Here’s the recipe for my cute animal baos!

farm animal liu sha baoI had some leftover dough and filling again so I decided to make an animal farm version 😉