It doesn’t get any easier

Why the long hiatus from blogging? That’s because I have started a baking blog with a dear friend of mine! Not sure how many people actually keep up with my personal blog. But if you have, I apologise for disappearing for so long.  And now back to the topic…

“It will get easier as they grow older.”

This is often told to sleep-deprived, bleary eyed parents with babies. The truth is, bringing up children does not get any easier as they grow older. My boys are turning 5 and 7 at the end of this year but I still find it a challenge to take care of them. The challenges simply shift from being predominantly physically demanding to being more mentally and emotionally demanding. While I used to  struggle with keeping myself awake and wishing that I have clones to help me when the kids were very young, I find it a struggle to teach them to love God, love others around them, the right values and coaching them on a regular basis for their school work when they are older now. In their teenage years, I suspect that we may face even more emotional struggles as we may have to deal with helping our kids deal with peer pressure, mood swings, etc.

We need God’s grace, wisdom and strength no matter how old our kids are. I can’t say for sure that when the kids are grown and have families of their own, it will definitely be easier since I have not been there yet. But I guess parents’ concern for their kids never go away.

Raising children is not all about struggles. There is much joy too 🙂 and this also changes as they grow older. We enjoy the cuteness of babies and toddlers; we also enjoy the jokes and games that we share with older kids. By the way, I still find my boys cute in their own way. Different kind of cute, but cute nonetheless :).

I would say never look back and wish that the kids were little again (because they were so cute) and never look forward and wish that they would grow up soon (just so you don’t have to clean up milk puke/ poo or pee stained clothes for the umpteenth time). Treasure (I won’t say enjoy because sometimes it’s not enjoyable) the present time that you have with them because they will never be the same again.

May we rely on God and be contented everyday of our lives, for all seasons.